"On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors"

Vorträge, gehalten bei der Internationalen Konferenz für die Belange blinder und sehbehinderter Senioren, Heidelberg, 16. bis 18. März 2000, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl, Deutsches Zentrum für Alternsforschung der Universität Heidelberg, und unserem Mitglied Richter am BGH a.D. Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze

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IOS Press, Amsterdam, Berlin, Oxford, Tokyo und Washington DC, 2001, ISBN: 1 58603 152 X.

Seit 1987 hat der DVBS neben seinen berufs- und ausbildungsbezogenen Fachgruppen auch eine Seniorengruppe. Sie will vor allem dazu beitragen, dass auch Sehgeschädigte erfolgreich und kompetent älter werden und weiterhin ein sinnerfülltes Leben führen können. Dazu will sie auch Wissenschaftler veranlassen, sich mehr als bisher mit den Folgen von Sehverlust im Alter zu befassen. Der Dialog mit ihnen, den die Gruppe seit 1990 führt, hat in der eingangs genannten Konferenz ihren einstweiligen Höhepunkt gefunden. Das nachfolgende Inhaltsverzeichnis gibt einen Überblick über die bei ihr gehaltenen Vorträge:



Part I. Basic Positions

What Does Vision Impairment Mean to Older People? B. Silverstone

Vision Loss in Old Age - The Need and Potential for New Beginnings, J. Cook

Part II. Epidemiology and Medical-Ophthalmological Research

An Examination of Secondary Conditions and Activity Limitations of Older People Experiencing Vision Impairment, J.E. Crews and C.A. Campbell

Blindness and Visual Impairment in Adults - Population Based Survey, P. Vassileva

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Current Concepts of Pathogensis and Risk Factors, F. Schütt and F.G. Holz

Visual Impairment and Functional Deficits in Age-Related Macular Degeneration, C. Bellmann and F.G. Holz

Part III. Psychosocial Issues and Daily Living Skills in Different Settings

Empirical and Conceptual Contributions Individual Support Needs of Older People with Serious Sight Loss, A. Nelson and A. Barrick

The Psychological Impact of Visual Impairment in Patients of Different Age, G.H. Franke, J. Esser, J. Reimer and N. Maehner

On the Long-Term Psychosocial Adaptation to Vision Loss in the Later Years, V. Heyl und H.-W. Wahl

Spanish Adaptation of the AVL Scale by A. Horowitz and J. P. Reinhardt, R. Pallero, M. Díaz, P. J. Ferrando, U. Lorenzo and D. Marsal

Age Specific Outcomes for ADL and IADL Performance and Independence Following Rehabilitative Interventions with Seniors Experiencing Visual Impairments, B. C. Stephens

Appreciation of Talking Way-Finding Systems by Visually Impaired People, A. C. Kooijman and M. Taner Uyar

Vision and Outdoor Mobility of Older Adults in Two German Rural Settings, H.-W. Wahl, V. Heyl, H. Mollenkopf, F. Oswald, O. Schilling and D. Wetzel

Using Touch Instead of Vision - Some Reflections on Possible Psychological Factors as Barriers or Facilitators to Developing Tactual Sensitivity, H. G. Weinläder

Reading Ability in Low Vision Seniors, S. Trauzettel-Klosinski

Part IV. Intervention and Rehabilitation - Empirical and Conceptual

Development and Evaluation of a Memory Training for Blind Seniors on Tape, S. Bernard

About the Necessity of Memory Training for Blind and Low Vision Seniors and their Training Opportunities in Germany, H.-E. Schulze

Orientation and Mobility for Senior Citizens, G. Rockwitz

Physical Training Program at Home and its Effect on Gait, A. Surakka

Elementary Rehabilitation for Seniors Who Lose Sight Late in Life, P. Cory

Rehabilitation for Visual Sharpness Through Scanning Pigmentary Retinosis, L. F. Diaz Garcia

Experiences of Conservative and Compensational Rehabilitation, A. Engeli and F. Heussler

New Training Forms for Rehabilitation of Visual Cognitive Functions, R. Lukauskiene, V. Viliunas, A. Jasinskiene and K. Gurevicius

Rehabilitation of Disturbed Visual Function by Using Transcutaneal Electrostimulator, R. Lukauskiene and I. Busauskiene

Visual Rehabilitation for the Elderly. A Psychosocial Demand, S. F. Müller, E. Genzel, K. Seifert and T. Rittweger

Moving to the Music, M. Austermann

Psychomotor Training with Visually Handicapped Senior Citizens, F.-K. Krug

Low Vision Counseling for Older Adults, H. Keil

More Than Half of the Visually Impaired Seniors Also Have a Hearing Impairment, O.E. Mortensen

Experiences with a Protocol for the Charles Bonnet Syndrome, P. Verstraten

Structure of the Low Vision and Blindness in Latvia (1996-1998), G. Laganovska, Z. Lagzdina and L. Usenko

A Guide for People with Age-Related Total Blindness, H.-E. Schulze

Part V. Educational Issues - Programs, Media, Self-Help and New Technologies

Acquired Vision Loss in Older People. Emotional Blockages to the Take Up of Services, J. Barrick

The Potential Usefulness of High-Tech Aids for Visually Impaired Seniors, G. Jansson

Accessibility and Usability of ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) for Older and Disbled People, J.-J. Meister

A Curriculum on Aging and Vision Loss for University Programs, A. L. Orr

Visually Impaired Seniors Caring for Themselves and Others, H.-E. Schulze

Visually Impaired Seniors Using Computers, L. F. Thomas

An Evaluation After Ten Years of Networking With Visually Impaired Elderly People Living on Their Own, A. Willemse and P. Verstraten

Part VI. Learning from Each Other in an International Perspective

The Provision of Services for Older People in the UK - Thoughts on Achieving Resources, J. Barrick

Psychological Consequences of and Adaptation to Age Related Low Vision and Blindness: Low-Vision Project Kenya, R. K. Kitau and V. Verweyen

Visually Impaired Elderly: Importance of Family and the Community in Bangladesh, G. Mostafa

Problems and Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired Seniors in Poland, T. Majewski

Publications of and for Visually Impaired Seniors in Germany, H.-E. Schulze

Presentation of the Work for Elderly People of the Hamburg Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People, A. Sepke

Organisation of Low Vision Care at the 1st Eye Clinic Faculty Hospital (Brno, Czech Republic), S. Synek

Senior Citizen Homes in Germany and Vision Loss, H.-E. Schulze

Nursing Homes for the Blind in Poland, M. Duffy and A. Adamowicz-Hummel

Care for Visually Impaired and Blind Seniors in Homes for the Elderly - A Project In The Netherlands, A. Willemse and P. Verstraten

Part VII. Look into the Future

The Future of Geronto-Ophthalmology as Seen Through a Telescope, R.A. Weale

On the Potential of New Media and New Technologies for Old Age in General and Visually Impaired Elders in Particular, H. Mollenkopf

Vision 2020 - The Right to Sight, A. Foster

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